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Since 2007, Center for Allied Health Education has earned national and statewide acclaim as a premier institute for allied health education. With its 20,000 square-foot, state-of-the-art facility conveniently located in the heart of Brooklyn, New York, CAHE's variety of accredited programs and networks of clinical affiliates provide students with a broad array of options for a lucrative and rewarding career in today's highly competitive healthcare arena. Students are able to obtain the necessary didactic/ classroom instruction, laboratory skills, as well as hands-on experience at numerous hospitals and healthcare facilities located throughout the New York metropolitan area. With the combination of classroom and laboratory instruction, as well as clinical rotations where students are exposed to a variety of equipment and patient populations, graduates of the Center’s accredited programs are equipped with the necessary training for a rewarding career in their field of study.

Educational programs offered by the Center include Diagnostic Medical Sonography (Ultrasound), Radiography (X-Ray), Radiation Therapy, Medical Assistant, Surgical Technology, EMT-Basic and Paramedic Programs, as well as a Paramedic Refresher course.


All in all, the radiation therapy program was great and well intentioned. Tina is a great Program Director. She truly cares about all of us, and wants us to succeed in this program and in our careers.
–Katherine Reyes (Freeport, NY)
The 2 year sonography program was a comprehensive and well-rounded program, it prepares students for the field both didactically and with clinical experience.
–Anjali Rana (Glen Oaks, NY)
I enjoyed my two years in the program. Tina juggled many roles and I feel prepared to be out in the field. Thank you Tina and Brooke!
–Arianne Tedeschi (Deer Park, NY)
CAHE is a great program that prepared us well
–Susanna Frogiero (Howard Beach, NY)
Teachers guided us properly and effectively to take us to where we want to be
–Anthony Zagame (Staten Island, NY)
The program was excellent in teaching detailed information that I was able to use in clinical settings and now in the work force.
–Devon DeSilva (Brooklyn, NY)
Overall, I had a great experience during my time at CAHE. My instructors were great in helping our cohort pass the board exam, which at the end of the day is the most important part of the program. All my classmates were able to get jobs in our respective fields almost immediately after graduation.
–David Svidler (Staten Island, NY)
They prepared me so incredibly well. The first time my supervisor watched me scan at my interview, I heard her say "we hit the jackpot" with excitement to another supervisor. That made me feel like I was well prepared for the job.
–Michelle Artieda (Massapequa, NY)
Great experience, great staff, great education.
–Lauren Stern (Huntington, NY)
…Part of what makes this school shine is the caring, personable power of the staff. Whenever I had questions I could stroll to the front office and get one. I could email, and get real responses. It was great. Thank you all.
–Gordon Tam (New York, NY)
I had a great experience at CAHE and I would recommend to anyone. All the teachers I had were amazing and the lab instructors help make you a natural in your chosen path. Thank you for a lovely experience!
–Lisette Angueta (New York, NY)
Hands down best decision I made choosing CAHE. ALL the instructors were amazing and knowledgeable. They have prepared me to become the best Paramedic I can be.
–Zee Medina (Brooklyn, NY)
I am truly grateful for the time I spent at CAHE and for the career I am now working in. It was a very challenging yet rewarding journey to get to this point!
–Sydney DiNapoli (Brooklyn, NY)
I think the center prepared me very well to enter the field of sonography. It’s tough to get any first job especially one dependent on experience but I feel confident that I am adequately trained and will find a job.
–Shana Yaffe (Cedarhurst, NY)
I learned a lot while I was in the program. The instructors were very knowledgeable.
–Sashanna Brown (Queens, NY)
The center has a lot of staff that will go out of their way to give you all the help you need whether it's in class before/after or through email even on weekends. The school is very inclusive and instructors/staff try to include you in its numerous activities. The perfect word to describe this program is "challenging." There is a lot of small sacrifices that had to be made in order to be successful with both didactic and clinicals. I feel like this program really helped me become more disciplined and overall forced me into learning how to manage my time due to the fact that I was working 2 part time jobs while in school (still catching up on sleep). I was able to become more involved, outspoken, and more supportive of my classmates.
–Crystal Soriano, Surgical Technologist (Brooklyn, NY)
My experience with the center has been amazing. I've met some amazing people in my classmates as well as teachers. I felt that the clinic site were integral in my success with finding a job just a few weeks into the application process. Highly recommended program.
–Taylor Kornegay (Staten Island, NY)
I was very impressed with the preparation and assistance provided by the career center. I was able to complete all my interviews with a sense of confidence and pride and this was all due to the resources given to me from Gregg. He is an amazing instructor and went above and beyond for his students.
–Kennisha Lambert (Brooklyn, NY)
This program, rigorous and hard, is the best program available. You will come out an excellent medic. Thank you, CAHE.
–Joseph Gonzalez (New York, NY)
The Center for Allied Health Education absolutely prepared me and gave me the necessary skills and knowledge to work in pre-hospital emergency medical services. The combined education and experience of the instructors at CAHE has no equal.
–Patrick Ogle (Jersey City, NJ)
I greatly enjoyed my time in the Radiography Program. It was a lot of work, but totally worth it. I felt prepared and knowledgeable upon entering the workforce. I have and will continue to recommend the program to people that I come in contact with who are interested in the field.
–Lisa Murphy (Brooklyn, NY)
When I entered CAHE's Radiography Program, I was nervous because I knew nobody. However, it did not take long for me to realize that I had made the right choice. The staff and instructors were very welcoming, patient and encouraged students to strive for their best. They never let students struggle and are always willing to help whenever possible. With their help, I am confident that I will continue to grow and achieve my goal of becoming a Radiologic Technologist.
-Nathalie Sutton (Fresh Meadows, NY)
From day one I knew I made the right decision in choosing Center for Allied Health Education's Radiography Program. The instructors are friendly, knowledgeable, and are always willing to help students. This program gave me the opportunity to start clinical rotations right away and begin, as Isaak (the program's clinical coordinator) says, our "two year job interview." CAHE has given me so many opportunities. The support system here is unbelievable which makes striving for your goals truly achievable.
-Amanda Senese (Staten Island, NY)
I love that CAHE staff makes you feel that you're in their best interest. Everyone is there to support you and help in any way they can. I am really happy to be a part of the Diagnostic Medical Sonography program and see myself and my classmates grow and succeed as we get closer to our graduation.
-Irina Krotin (Staten Island, NY)
The opportunities the school makes available to us as students and future medical professionals not only adds to our education but helps us become more compassionate and considerate to our community. I am proud to be a part of the CAHE family. I've never had such a support system from educators like I've had with this school. The team of instructors lead by example and teach us to have pride in our work. The relationships I've built in the school amongst my classmates and instructors and in my clinical rotations with the radiologic technologists will continue far beyond my time as a student and into my career.
-Karen Merizalde Kanlong (Staten Island, NY)
"The beautiful thing about learning is that no one can take it away from you." A quote that was said by the famous BB King, which helped me through this amazing journey in the Medic 38 class. It was a wonderful experience. Thank you CAHE!
-Gerard Colvert (Brooklyn, NY)
My favorite aspect of CAHE's Diagnostic Medical Sonography Program is the staff! They are all incredibly dedicated and have taken an interest in allowing me to challenge myself, develop my knowledge and to improve my scanning techniques, all while making sure that the material is exciting and relevant. I now feel beyond-prepared to take the registries upon graduation. Our clinical coordinator also ensures that we obtain a lot of hands-on scanning experience during rotations. The program is unique in that it covers multiple DMS specialties including abdomen, OB/GYN, echo, and vascular. I would highly recommend CAHE's DMS program to anyone looking for a well-rounded program.
-Prerna Chaudhary Patel (Levittown, NY)
My favorite part about the Radiography Program is the hands-on training. Due to multiple hospital rotations, the interactions between technologists, staff, and patients are endless. The inspiring experience allows development while striving for success.
-Melissa Daif (Brooklyn, NY)
I am very happy for choosing CAHE. Everyone is willing to work with you and help you out. I've had hiccups along the road, whether it was with finances, clinical rotations or just class work. Everyone involved was glad to help me succeed!
-Dimas Rodriguez (Brooklyn, NY)
By far the best EMT program I could have chosen in order to get my certification. The program was very quick, and with amazing instructors I was able to start myself off as a health care provider. I can't thank everyone there enough.
-Elhanan Harel (Brooklyn, NY)
The time I spent at CAHE was very informative. I learned a lot and have already started recommending this school to my friends and family.
-Anndrena N. Alston-Wilson (Brooklyn, NY)
The staff got to know all students on a personal level and did their best to make the learning experience as fun as possible while also keeping up with an appropriate standard of discipline.
-Anthony Marascia (Brooklyn, NY)
The program is run professionally and organized. I think every student can benefit from the program at CAHE.
-Michael Zharnest (Cedarhurst, NY)
I would not be where I am at in life without this program, and where I am at in my life right now is a place of happiness and stability. I cannot ask for much more than that.
-Ryan Frances Gerondel (Lake Grove, NY)
This program has taught me how to work productively under pressure. Thank you for giving me not only the clinical skills needed to succeed but teaching me how important patient care is.
. -Cynthia Bonilla (Cambra Heights, NY)

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Clinical experiences are available for all enrolled students as they progress to that portion of the program. Clinical Education is an integral part of each program offered by Center for Allied Health Education. It allows the student to develop the concepts and skills taught in the classroom and apply them to patients in a clinical setting. Skills are learned in the classroom, demonstrated in the laboratory and are refined in the clinic. Working alongside qualified clinical staff with real patients provides students with the opportunity to develop confidence, become competent in their skills, and accustomed to the healthcare environment they will ultimately seek to work in. Center for Allied Health Education is proud of its strong clinical affiliates, which include major hospitals and clinical sites throughout the metropolitan area, and are not limited to the following:

Students come from all across the tri-state area, as well as the country, to attend our leading healthcare/ medical education and training institution. From our facility in Brooklyn, CAHE serves students from all across New York, including Manhattan, Queens, Staten Island, Long Island, Nassau County, and many other locations. CAHE is additionally proud to offer clinical rotation opportunities at top hospitals and clinical sites across New York City, allowing students to obtain the necessary hands-on experience required for graduation.

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