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Thank you for selecting Center for Allied Health Education (CAHE). You have now committed to the first step in the admissions process. Once the application below is complete and the required non-refundable application fee ($100 for all programs, with the exception of EMT and Medical Assistant which is $50) is submitted, applicants will be reminded of all other documents (listed in the "Application Checklist") that should be forwarded to the Admissions Department in order to complete the application process. All supporting documents should be sent to CAHE's Brooklyn location, as outlined in the Application Checklist. To view the application checklist online click here.

Applicants should allow 5-10 minutes to complete the information below. Please note that the application cannot be saved at any point in time. Leaving the application page would result in having to start over. Payment information for the non-refundable application fee will be required on the next page.

To sign-up for the Registry Prep or Paramedic Refresher Courses, please visit the specific course page to access a separate Registration Form.

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Financial Aid
For additional information about financial aid and to view which programs are eligible for federal and state loans/grants, click here.
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Entrance Exam
Entrance exams are required for entry into all programs. Applicants who submit proof that they meet either of the following criteria will have that portion of the entrance exam requirement waived:
  •   • A minimum SAT score of 470 in Critical Reading and/or 490 in Math (must submit scores)
  •   • A minimum ACT score of 19 in English and/or 20 in Math (must submit scores)
  •   • A minimum grade of a "C" on a college level, credit bearing Math and/or English Literature course from a regionally accredited institution.
  •   • A minimum of an 80% on their New York State EMT-B Written Certification Examination within the past three years (for Paramedic Program Applicants only).
Please check your confirmation e-mail (within three weeks of submitting your complete application) for the exact date and time of your scheduled entrance examination, as well as how to best prepare for the exam. Applicants who are exempt from the Entrance Exam will be contacted to schedule an interview for their program of interest.
To the best of my knowledge and based on the exemption criteria above: *
It appears as if I am exempt from all sections of the entrance exam.
I will need to take at least one portion of the entrance exam.
Annual Campus Security Report
Campus security and safety are important issues in postsecondary education today. Providing students nationwide with a safe environment in which to learn and keeping students, parents and employees well informed about campus security are goals that have been voiced by many groups. Annually, Center for Allied Health Education, collects and distributes crime statistics that occurred on-campus and public property surrounding the campus. CAHE's Annual Campus Security Report can be found on our website by
Criminal background investigation Policy
I read the above criminal background investigation policy and agree to the terms and conditions. *
Criminal Conviction policy
The Criminal Conviction policy for the program you are applying for may be found online by visitng
I have read and been made aware of the Criminal Conviction Policy for the program which I am applying for and understand that if I do have a criminal conviction and I decide to enroll in the program, that upon graduation, I may not be eligible to take the licensing/certification examination for which that program will prepare me. I further understand that without such licensure/certification, I may be unable to work in New York State in that professional discipline. *
Drug Screening Policy
I read the above drug screening policy and agree to the terms and conditions. *
Technical Standards
The Technical Standards for the program you are applying for may be found online by visiting
I have been informed of and understand the technical standards for the program I am applying for and I affirm that I meet all the technical standards as listed. I understand that at the discretion of the program, at any time before or during the program, I may be required to provide confirmation that I meet the technical standards from a medical health professional. *
Additional information regarding each program, including the program’s mission statement and goals, may be found on our website
I certify that the information contained within this application is complete and accurate to the best of my knowledge and belief. *
Center for Allied Health Education does not discriminate on the basis of race, sex, religion, national origin, age, disability or marital status in its admissions and/ or employment policies.