Entrance Exam - CAHE

Entrance Examinations

Center for Allied Health Education (CAHE) utilizes the Wonderlic WBST – Exam. 

What’s on the Entrance Exam?

  • Verbal (English Comprehension) – 50 Questions/ 20 Minutes
  • Quantitative (Math) – 45 Questions/ 20 Minutes
  • PARAMEDIC APPLICANTS ONLY:  EMT Knowledge- 50 questions/ 60 minutes**

**Applicants applying the the Paramedic Program that are required to take the EMT Knowledge Exam will be provided with a separate exam link through CANVAS. The EMS Section is not hosted on Wonderlic.

How to be exempt from taking the Entrance Exam? Applicants, who possess an associate’s degree or higher from an institution in the United States at the time of applying, are automatically exempt from taking the Math and Reading portions of the entrance exam.Applicants who have completed the equivalent of an associate’s degree or greater from an accredited institution abroad are automatically exempt from the Math portion of the exam, but may be subject to taking the reading portion.

Although not required, applicants who meet either of the following criteria will have the Math and/ or Reading portion of the entrance exam requirement waived:

  • A minimum grade of a “C” on a college level, 3+ credit bearing Math and/or English/Literature course from a regionally accredited institution.
  • A minimum SAT score of 470 in Critical Reading and/or 490 in Math OR a minimum ACT score of 19 in English and/ or 20 in Math.

PARAMEDIC APPLICANTS ONLY: Applicants who have received an 80% or above on their most recent New York State Written Certification Examination (within the past 3 years) will be exempt from the EMT Knowledge section of the entrance exam.

If you believe that you meet one or more of the qualifications listed above, please upload your supporting documents to your CAHE Applicant Portal (Orbund) or e-mail your unofficial transcripts and/ or proof of ACT/ SAT scores to admissions@cahe.edu or your admissions coordinator at your earliest convenience.

How to practice for the Entrance Exam? 

Click Here for a sample review for the entrance exam. Additional practice exams (from a non-Wonderlic source) can be found here:

We encourage applicants to do their own online research regarding Wonderlic WBST practice exams that may be available on the internet. 

What is the passing score and when will applicants receive their exam results? 

The passing score for CAHE’s entrance exam is a 267 in each section (Verbal and Quantitative). The results of your exam will be processed and e-mailed to you on the next business day.