Veterans Day 2020 - CAHE

Veterans Day 2020


Each November, we take the opportunity to honor and appreciate the sacrifices and selflessness of the men and women who serve in the American armed forces. Here at Center for Allied Health Education (CAHE), we are fortunate to have active and veteran service members at our center. These students/graduates have made remarkable contributions to our country and we are proud that they are part of the CAHE family. This year, we’d like to acknowledge these individuals and learn more about the inspiration that leads them to pursue careers in healthcare.

Raquel Caramanno, United States Air Force

Diagnostic Medical Sonography Program (DMS 821 EV)

What inspired you to choose your current field?

Prior to attending CAHE, I served in the United States Air Force for five years as a Health Services Management Technician. During this time, I worked in a military medical facility providing administrative support to various healthcare departments.  Although I enjoyed providing administrative support, I always knew that I eventually wanted to pursue a medical career that involved more direct patient care. Once my enlistment with the Air Force ended, I started doing research to figure out which healthcare career was right for me. Diagnostic Medical Sonography has always been something I have been very interested in. I think the ability to produce images of the inside of the body non-invasively is absolutely fascinating. I enjoy working with people and cannot wait to experience the satisfaction of knowing I have made a positive impact in someone else’s life by working as a Medical Sonographer.

Why did you apply to CAHE?

From the moment I entered CAHE, the environment was extremely welcoming. The staff answered any questions I had and helped me determine which program and track were best suited for me. After a year of attending CAHE, I am confident I have made the right decision.

What are your goals after graduation?

Once I graduate, my goal is to use the knowledge and skills I have acquired at CAHE to make a positive impact in the healthcare community. In the future, I would eventually like to become an instructor in the field of sonography so that I could play a role in helping prospective students enter this amazing career field.


Imani Bruce, United States Army

Radiography Program (RTR 20-09)

CAHE gives individuals an opportunity at a chance to change careers. This school potentially has a great career in the medical field. After graduating from CAHE I hope to give back to veterans and hopefully work at a VA medical hospital as a Radiography technologist. I  want to provide great patient care to individuals.

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