Thanksgiving 2021: CAHE students sending messages of gratitude to instructors, faculty and staff - CAHE

Thanksgiving 2021: CAHE students sending messages of gratitude to instructors, faculty and staff


Giving thanks to Joey Krueger, Tina Petronio, Mel Maurice, Aineel Rolle, Miguel Roche, Al Adams, Jill Eby, Zee Medina, and the rest of the instructors who helped us

“Thanks for all you have done for us in helping us get through the medic program. I cannot thank you all enough, you guys are excellent and we were blessed to have you as our instructors. Have a happy, safe and healthy holiday season.”

Christopher Lategola, Paramedic Program, Medic 54

Giving Thanks to Sarah Nasson

“I would like to take this time to shout out Sarah Nasson. She goes above and beyond for her students and shows that she really cares for all of us. She is an amazing teacher with an amazing heart and I will always be appreciative of her hard work and kindness.”

Erza Peni, Diagnostic Medical Sonography Program, DMS 21-02A

Giving Thanks to Vitali, Vlad, Andrew, Michael

“Thanks for the valuable information you impart each session. The patience to go over a topic or skill as many times you are asked. I’m truly thankful to have you as my instructors.”

Simona Jackson, Paramedic Program, Medic 57

Giving Thanks to Doreen Lynch

“Thank you for your hard work throughout this cross sectional class. Thank you for also making time to give me extra help when I needed it.”

Tia Fortune, Diagnostic Medical Sonography Program, DMS 21-09B

“Hi! My name is Lillian Lati, I graduated August 2021. I would like to give thanks to Doreen Lynch. Doreen is an amazing teacher who goes above and beyond for all her students. Even after I finished taking my classes, Doreen was always there to guide me every step of the way. Doreen gave me great advice for passing my Abdomen registry, as well as advice for interviews. Doreen is so kind hearted and made a big impact on me in school. She is someone I look up to and she deserves much recognition.”

Lilian Lati, Diagnostic Medical Sonography Program Alumni

Giving Thanks to Adina Pupko

“I would like to thank Adina Pupko for making it possible for me to have my baby while being in school. Thank you for your guidance and time you’ve spent helping me stay caught up with my classmates. I look forward to graduating with them with thanks to you!”

Debra Gelberman, Diagnostic Medical Sonography Program, Echo/Vascular Track, DMS 20-09

Giving Thanks to Ruthie Abramowitz

“I am grateful for my SPI professor Ruthie, You have always gone above and beyond to help us. Physics is a difficult course and you made it look so easy by your teaching skills. You made us feel that you sincerely wanted to make a difference by teaching us beyond the textbooks. Thank you for going the extra mile to make a difference in our lives. I hope you know how much I and my class appreciate you.”

Syeda Umair, Diagnostic Medical Sonography Program, DMS 21-02B

Giving Thanks to Larisa Konshina

“I would like to give a huge thank you to Larisa Konshina. She has been my cohort’s SPI professor since day one. Because of her straightforward teaching method & the fact that she genuinely cares about the successes of all her students, I was able to pass my SPI earlier than planned. Thank you so much Larisa! :)”

Lynn Nguyen, Diagnostic Medical Sonography Program, DMS 21-02

“I’m thankful for Larisa for always being there for us whether it’s for extra help with class materials or with scanning. She’s become like our sonography mom and an amazing mentor. She always makes sure we’re taken care of. I will always be grateful for her. ”

Sana Ahsan, Diagnostic Medical Sonography Program, DMS 20-05

Giving Thanks to Tina Steier

“We are grateful for you being our biggest advocate, always listening to us, and ensuring our well-educated future and success. Thank you, Tina!”

Radiation Therapy Program students, RTT 21-02

Giving Thanks to Ron Copper

“He always prepares us well for exams.. Thank you”

Breanna Navarra, Radiography Program, RTR 20-09

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