Medical Assistant

program overview

The Medical Assistant Program prepares students to play a vital role in the daily operations of a healthcare office of all shapes and sizes. Working under the direct supervision of a doctor or licensed healthcare provider, Medical Assistants are typically needed in medical offices, diagnostic screening facilities, physical rehabilitation practices, nursing homes, colleges and universities, along with outpatient centers.

Medical Assistants allow healthcare providers to meet both patient needs and administrative needs. Center for Allied Health Education offers a program that prepares individuals with the medical, clerical, clinical, and laboratory skills necessary to succeed in the field. Students obtain the necessary didactic (in-class) instruction, along with the hands-on experience at affiliated clinical sites by completing rotations.

Upon successful completion of the Medical Assistant (MA) Program, certified applicants who have met the
required criteria

Students who meet the following criteria are automatically eligible receive to receive a 10% tuition discount toward any of the Center's full-time programs and will have the admissions process waived:

  • Successful completion of the Center's Medical Assistant Program
  • Credentialing as a Certified Medical Assistant
  • An overall GPA of 3.3 or higher
  • No documented disciplinary action, professional behavior issues or attendance issues on record
  • A favorable recommendation from a committee consisting of the Center's Administration, Admissions Department and program staff
  • Meet the entrance requirements and qualifications of the new program

Students who do not meet these conditions may apply for other programs and will be evaluated as a new applicant to the program.

will be automatically accepted into CAHE's other full-time programs and qualify for the
Graduate Discount (GD)

Upon successful completion of a program offered by Center for Allied Health Education (CAHE) which is 11 months or longer in duration, graduates will qualify for the Graduate Discount (GD), allowing them to receive a 10% discount on tuition when enrolling in any other full-time program offered by the Center. The discount will be applied to the base tuition only and per the quarter for which the student is enrolled. In order to qualify, graduates must be enrolled into a new program within two years of their original graduation date.

Students who have successfully completed the entire course of study and met all financial obligations of the medical assistant program will be eligible for graduation and application to the AAMA certification test under category 1 or category 2. For more information regarding the exam and cost visit the AAMA website at

Students Must Meet All The Following Requirements

  1. Have met all academic requirements
  2. Have met all clinical requirements and attained all required competencies
  3. Have met all financial obligations
  4. Have returned their swipe card, ID card, etc.

Students who have not fulfilled their graduation requirements have twenty (20) weeks from their originally scheduled graduation date to complete all missing graduation requirements.

A C average - an index (GPA) of 2.0 - is required for graduation.