CAHE Student Publishes an Article in ASRT's Radiation Therapist Journal - CAHE

CAHE Student Publishes an Article in ASRT’s Radiation Therapist Journal


We are proud to recognize our very own Radiation Therapy Program student Ashok Kumar on his recent publication in the Journal of the American Society of Radiologic Technologists. Ashok’s research on Proton Beam Therapy highlights the potential for this very advanced type of treatment to become a standard of care for cancer patients.

Ashok joined CAHE’s Radiation Therapy program in 2020, and is currently working on both, his Radiation Therapy Certificate at Center for Allied Health Education and Bachelor’s degree at Fairleigh Dickinson University.

Earlier this week, we sat down with Ashok to discuss his current experience in the program and his career aspirations:

CAHE: Why did you decide to study/pursue a career as a Radiation Therapist?

Ashok: I decided to pursue a career as a Radiation Therapist as I always wanted a career that was very hands-on and one where I knew I would be making a difference every day. I also thought the technological aspects of this field were very interesting and subjects like anatomy and physiology and physics were ones I always enjoy learning about in school. So with these things in mind, it only made sense for me to enter this field and I am extremely pleased that I did.

CAHE: What do you enjoy the most in the field of Radiation Therapy?

Ashok: What I enjoy the most in this field would definitely be the daily interactions I have with patients. Having the opportunity to know my patients, hear their stories, and see how they progress throughout the course of their treatments is something I admire about this field.

CAHE: What is your most memorable experience in the program thus far?

Ashok: My most memorable experience in the program thus far would be my first day at my first ever clinical site. This day was a little overwhelming for me but more importantly, it was a very special day as I finally got to learn and see what a typical day as a radiation therapist would be like. Additionally, I knew after this day that I made the right choice pursuing this career.

CAHE: What are your plans/aspirations after graduation?

Ashok: After graduation, I plan on gaining as much experience as I can working as a radiation therapist somewhere along in New Jersey. Then afterward when I feel the time is right I intend on continuing my education and looking into dosimetry programs to become a medical dosimetrist.

We would like to congratulate Ashok on his publication and wish him continued success in his academic and professional work!

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