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Is an Accredited Program Vital to Your Healthcare Education?

The Answers to Your Questions About Program Accreditation 

There are many different educational paths you can take to prepare for a healthcare career. You may be considering programs that deliver technical coursework, certification, licensing preparation, or a college degree. Some choices, of course, will depend upon your field of study. An important factor to consider for many educational programs is whether or not it is accredited. What role should this play in your decision? Here are some answers.

Q: What is accreditation? 

Programs or entire schools are accredited only if they meet the highest standards and requirements for the curricula they offer. This status increases its credibility. To receive accreditation, schools apply to qualified third-party organizations, who review the credentials. Only those that meet a set of agreed-upon standards will be recognized with an accredited status. Schools are periodically reviewed to ensure that standards are continually being met.

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