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CAHE Q&A Series: Talking with Isaak Miroshenko, MA, RT(R)(CT), Director of the Radiography Program

An In-depth Look into a Career in Radiography

To kick off our CAHE Q&A series, we spoke with Isaak Miroshenko, Director of the Radiography Program, who provided his insight into the field of radiography from multiple perspectives: a CAHE graduate, professional radiographer and currently as the Program Director of CAHE’s Radiography Program.

Tell us about the students who enroll in the Radiography program
Many students that attend our Radiography Program come to CAHE immediately after high school or have some college coursework already competed. Our program also caters to young adults that are looking to start their career in healthcare after working in other fields.

What “soft skills” or personality traits do you look for in program applicants?
Personality plays an integral role in the field of radiography. Compassion, empathy and positivity are the most important qualities a student should have and it’s what CAHE looks for when interviewing applicants as part of the admission process. In addition, great attention to detail, diligence and time management are very important attributes that are required in order to succeed in this program.

Why should students consider CAHE?
Center for Allied Health Education is truly a community of educators, students and, most importantly, healthcare professionals. We are laser-focused on our students’ success, offering them resources and assistance throughout the program and after they graduate. Program Directors are monitoring student progress and are always available to provide guidance and support. Our Learning Center offers access to tutoring services as an additional resource to achieve academic excellence. In addition, our Career Services team is actively engaged in providing our students career advice, job search training and other important resources to help them succeed in their professional life.

Why are so many people interested in Radiography as a healthcare career?
Radiography is a growing field, and demand for radiographers is increasing. According to, from 2016 – 2026, a projected growth rate for radiographers is 12%, and this number keeps growing.
Radiography is also a very multi-faceted field. It offers tremendous opportunities for growth and advancement into other related fields. With additional instruction, our graduates can become CT technologists or MRI technologists, and develop their professional careers even further.

For more information on a career in radiography, including program requirements and financial aid options, visit our Program Overview page.

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