Surgical Technology

program courses

Course Number Course Listing Hours
CST 1100Medical Terminology15
CST 1110Anatomy and Physiology I40
CST 1130Care of the Surgical Patient20
CST 1140Principles and Practice of Surgical Technology I40
CST 1140LSurgical Technology Lab I50
CST 1150Biomedicine30
CST 1180Introduction to Sterile Processing14
CST 1210Anatomy and Physiology II40
CST 1240Principles and Practices of Surgical Technology II40
CST 1240LSurgical Technology Lab II30
CST 1260Fundamentals of Operative Procedures I30
CST 1280Clinical Internship I126
CST 1330Pharmacology and Anesthesia30
CST 1350LSurgical Technology Lab III30
CST 1360Fundamentals of Operative Procedures II40
CST 1370Microbiology30
CST 1380Clinical Internship II126
CST 1460Fundamentals of Operative Procedures III20
CST 1470Career Development15
CST 1480Clinical Internship III238
CST 1490CST Review100