Surgical Technology

academic policies

The Surgical Technology Program consists of 42 weeks, 1129 contact hours and 66.5 clock hours over the course of one academic year, divided into 4 quarters. Classes and clinical rotations are scheduled to be conducted Monday through Friday between the hours of 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM. The hours that classes and clinical internships are scheduled can change from quarter to quarter but will not exceed more than 30 instructional hours per week. Students will receive their weekly schedule one month prior to the first session of each quarter. Clinical internship schedules are based on the shifts of each clinical internship site and are subject to change.

CST 1000 Medical Terminology
CST 1010 Anatomy & Physiology
CST 1030 Care of the Surgical Patient
CST 1040 Principles and Practice of Surgical Technology I
CST 1050 Pharmocology
CST 1040L Surgical Technology Lab I
CST 1080 Sterile Processing Rotation
CST 1110Anatomy & Physiology II
CST 1160Fundamentals of Operative Procedures I
CST 1140Principles and Practices of Surgical Technology II
CST 1140LSurgical Technology II Lab
CST 1180Clinical Internship I
CST 1230Biomedicine
CST 1260Fundamentals of Operative Procedures II
CST 1270Microbiology
CST 1250L Surgical Technology III Lab
CST 1280 Clinical Internship II
CST 1390 CST Review
CST 1360 Fundamentals of Operative Procedures III
CST 1380 Clinical Internship III
CST 1370Career Development

* Subject To Change