tuition & fees


Tuition for the Radiography Program (2019-2021) is $7,400.00 for each of the program's 7 quarters, and a total of $51,800.00 for the entire program. Tuition payments are due as follows:

Tuition Enrollment Towards Quarter 1 Tuition $500.00
Prior to First Quarter $14,300.00
Prior to Third Quarter $14,800.00
Prior to Fifth Quarter $14,800.00
Prior to Seventh Quarter $7,400.00


Fees for the Radiography Program (2019-2021) are non-refundable once the student has begun instruction during the quarter to which they apply and are due as follows:

Upon Registration Registration Fee $100.00
Prior to First Quarter Clinical Fee $500.00
Technology Fee $250.00
Uniform Fee $200.00
Associate Degree Fee* $2,900.00
Prior to Third Quarter Clinical Fee $500.00
Technology Fee $250.00
Associate Degree Fee* $2,900.00
Prior to Fifth Quarter Clinical Fee $500.00
Technology Fee $250.00
Associate Degree Fee* $2,900.00
Prior to Seventh Quarter Clinical Fee $250.00
Technology Fee $125.00
Associate Degree Fee* $1,450.00
HESI Exam Fee** $80.00

*Associate Degree Fee is only applicable to students who enroll without possessing an associate or more advanced degree and who will complete General Education coursework toward an associate degree at Center for Allied Health Education's affiliated college, SUNY Empire State College.

**Fee covers the student's first attempt. Additional attempts, if applicable, will be an additional out-of-pocket fee at student's expense

The fees listed above include the following:

  • The Uniform Fee is used to provide students with a uniform, including four sets of scrubs, a lab coat and a sweatshirt.
  • The Technology Fee is used to provide students with online learning resources, the learning management system, the student portal and the computerized library.
  • The Clinical Fee is used to cover the cost of students' coverage under the Center's Malpractice/Liability insurance policy, to operate and maintain the student lab and to provide me with a variety of educational affiliated clinical internship sites.

There will be no hourly charge for make-up sessions/activities.

Clinical Clearance:

Students are required to have a physical examination and be medically cleared by a private physician as well as have a criminal background check performed. The background check is done through a third-party company called Castle Branch. More information regarding clinical clearance will be provided in the orientation packet. The clinical clearance fees are estimated at $460.00.

Textbook Costs

Students are required to purchase all textbooks on their own. Textbook costs are estimated at $1,350.00

Financial Aid

Financial aid is available to students who qualify. For more information, please refer to the Financial Aid section in the Institutional Catalog.

Payment Plans

Payment Plans may be available to students on a case by case basis.

Additional Expenses

  • Room and board - students are required to make their own arrangements for housing. The cost of room and board is at the student's expense.
  • Field trips and meetings are at the student's expense.
  • Upon graduation, the student must apply for the credentialing examination. Fees for the examination are at the student's expense.
  • Student may wish to join one or more of the professional organizations in the field. Membership fees are at the student's expense.
  • Students are expected to supply their own health insurance plans.