program courses

Course NumberCourse TitleHours
BIO 1000Anatomy and Physiology60
ENG 1000English60
MAT 1000Math60
PHY 1000Physics60
GEN 1200Introduction to Global Health60
GEN 1240History of US Healthcare System, Health Policy & Health Care Reform60
RTR 1100Fundamentals of Radiologic Sciences15
GEN 1100Medical Terminology15
RTR 1120Anatomy & Physiology I20
RTR 1130Introduction to Principles of Radiographic Exposure45
RTR 1140Patient Care I20
RTR 1150Radiographic Procedures I20
RTR 1150LRadiographic Procedures I Lab20
RTR 1160Image Analysis I10
RTR 1190Intro to Clinical Education94
GEN 1200Ethics & Law in the Health Professions15
RTR 1220Anatomy & Physiology II20
RTR 1240Patient Care II20
RTR 1250Radiographic Procedures II20
RTR 1250LRadiographic Procedures II Lab20
RTR 1260Image Analysis II10
RTR 1290Clinical Education I126
RTR 1320Anatomy & Physiology III20
RTR 1330Principles of Radiographic Exposure I45
RTR 1350Radiographic Procedures III20
RTR 1350LRadiographic Procedures III Lab20
RTR 1360Image Analysis III10
RTR 1390Clinical Education II126
RTR 1420Anatomy & Physiology IV20
RTR 1450Radiographic Procedures IV20
RTR 1450LRadiographic Procedures IV Lab20
RTR 1460Image Analysis IV10
RTR 1490Clinical Education III189
RTR 1510Special Procedures15
RTR 1520Radiographic Pathology20
RTR 1550Radiographic Procedures V20
RTR 1550LRadiographic Procedures V Lab20
RTR 1560Image Analysis V10
RTR 1590Clinical Education IV189
RTR 1610Advanced Imaging Modalities10
RTR 1630Principles of Radiographic Exposure II45
RTR 1650Radiographic Procedures VI20
RTR 1650LRadiographic Procedures VI Lab20
RTR 1660Image Analysis VI10
RTR 1690Clinical Education V189
RTR 1710Mammography (Elective)25
RTR 1711Computed Tomography (Elective)25
RTR 1720Radiation Biology and Advanced Protection30
RTR 1750Radiographic Procedures VII20
RTR 1750LRadiographic Procedures VII Lab20
RTR 1760Image Analysis VII10
RTR 1780Career Development15
RTR 1790Clinical Education VI189
RTR 1800Registry Review45