program courses

Course NumberCourse TitleHours
RTR 1000Fundamentals of Radiologic Science15
RTR 1001Image Analysis I15
RTR 1010Medical Terminology15
RTR 1020Human Structure & Function I45
RTR 1030Introduction to Radiation Physics I45
RTR 1040Patient Care I 30
RTR 1050Radiographic Procedures I30
RTR 1050LRadiographic Procedures Lab37.5
RTR 1080Clinical Education I152
RTR 1090Ethics and Law in the Radiologic Sciences15
RTR 1101Image Analysis II15
RTR 1120Human Structure & Function II45
RTR 1135Principles of Radiographic Exposure I45
RTR 1141Patient Care II30
RTR 1150Radiographic Procedures II30
RTR 1150LRadiographic Procedures Lab37.5
RTR 1171Digital Imaging Acquisition and Display30
RTR 1180Clinical Education II182
RTR 1280Clinical Education III318
RTR 2001Image Analysis III15
RTR 2010Radiographic Pathology30
RTR 2020Radiation Biology & Advanced Protection30
RTR 2035Principles of Radiographic Exposure II45
RTR 2050Radiographic Procedures III30
RTR 2050LRadiographic Procedures III Lab30
RTR 2080Clinical Education IV273
RTR 2101Image Analysis IV15
RTR 2125Special Procedures15
RTR 2150Radiographic Procedure IV30
RTR 2150LRadiographic Procedures IV Lab30
RTR 2170Advanced Imaging Modalities15
RTR 2171Mammography (Elective)30
RTR 2172Computed Tomography (Elective)30
RTR 2180Clinical Education V273
RTR 2190Career Development15
RTR 2260Registry Review45