clinic policies

Competency/Proficiency Evaluation Policy

Clinical Education is an integral part of a health professional's training. It allows the student to develop those concepts that are taught in the classroom and apply them to patients in a clinical setting. Skills are learned in the classroom and are refined in the clinic. Working alongside health professionals in the field allows and encourages students to develop confidence and become competent practitioners.

The Competency/Proficiency Evaluation Program is a standardized method of evaluating the performance of the student during their clinical rotations. It is through the integration of the cognitive (classroom) and psychomotor (practical or skills) aspects of the curriculum that the student will gradually reach, over a period of time, the level of competency which will allow him/her to function in their professional role with the necessary technical skills. It is the function of the Competency/Proficiency Evaluation Program to act as the measuring instrument by which we may deem the student competent.

Competencies/Proficiencies are graduation requirements and must be completed before the student can graduate.

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