Radiation Therapy

academic policies

Course Sequence*

First quarter - Junior Credits**
RTT 1000Intro to Radiation Therapy1.0
RTT 1010Medical Terminology1.0
RTT 1020Anatomy & Physiology I2.0
RTT 1030Intro to Physics I3.0
RTT 1040Patient Care I2.0
RTT 1050Clinical Radiation Therapy 2.0
RTT 1050LClinical Radiation Therapy Lab 0.5
RTT 1090Ethics & Law1.0
RTT 1080Clinical Education I2.0


Total Credits** 14.5

Second quarter - Junior Credits**
RTT 1100Imaging & Processing2.0
RTT 1120Anatomy & Physiology II2.0
RTT 1130Intro to Physics II2.0
RTT 1141Patient Care II2.0
RTT 1150Intro to Radiation Oncology2.0
RTT 1160Radiation Protection1.0
RTT 1170Pathophysiology2.0
RTT 1191Treatment Planning I2.0
RTT 1180Clinical Education II3.0


Total Credits** 18.0

Third quarter - Junior Credits**
RTT 1280Clinical Education III5.5


Total Credits** 5.5

Fourth quarter - Senior Credits**
RTT 2020Radiation Biology2.0
RTT 2030 Radiation Therapy Physics 2.0
RTT 2040Radiation Therapy Patient Care2.0
RTT 2050Radiation Therapy Techniques I2.0
RTT 2090Quality Management & Operational Issues2.0
RTT 2190Career Development1.0
RTT 2080Clinical Education IV4.5


Total Credits** 15.5

Fifth quarter - Senior Credits**
RTT 2140Treatment Planning II 2.0
RTT 2150Radiation Therapy Techniques II2.0
RTT 2160Cross Sectional Anatomy2.0
RTT 2170Principles of CT in Radiation Therapy2.0
RTT 2180Clinical Education V4.5


Total Credits** 12.5

RTT 2290Registry Review3.0


Total Credits** 3.0

Total Cumulative Credits: 69.0**Credit Equivalent


* Subject To Change