Paramedic Program

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program courses

Course Number Course Title Hours
 Independent Studies 
EMTP 1110Fundamentals of Advanced Pre-Hospital Care10
EMTP 1120Anatomy and Physiology70
EMTP 1210Pharmacology35
EMTP 1220Patient Assessment35
EMTP 1311Emergencies I35
EMTP 1321Emergencies II35
EMTP 1411Emergencies III36
EMTP 1421Special Populations24
EMTP 1431Special Considerations24
EMTP 2110Paramedic Laboratory I60
EMTP 2210Paramedic Laboratory II70
EMTP 2310Paramedic Laboratory III84
EMTP 2410Paramedic Laboratory IV70
EMTP 3110Clinical Education I64
EMTP 3211Clinical Education II148
EMTP 3311Clinical Education III144
EMTP 3411Clinical Education IV240