Advanced Standing - CAHE

Advanced Standing

We are now pleased to offer an Advanced Standing option for eligible Paramedic Program applicants.

Advanced Standing Prerequisites

Applicants applying for Advanced Standing for the Paramedic Program must be a Licensed Professional (RN, PA, etc.) and possess a valid New York State EMTB card. Applicants that do not possess a valid New York State EMTB card can apply for reciprocity.

Students eligible for the Advanced Standing option will be exempt from one or more courses of the program’s curriculum, based on the following three (3) criteria:

  1. Educational Background
  2. Clinical Experience
  3. Work Experience


  1. Documentation and Review: Complete the Advanced Standing Application HERE

Submit all required documents to our Admissions Office (See the list of required documents below). Once submitted, expect a phone call from the Program Director within two weeks to review your advanced standing request.

  1. Entrance Exam: Applicants that are not exempt from taking the Entrance Exam, will be required to take the exam. See the list below for how to be exempt from the exam.
  2. Interview: Once your documentation is reviewed, you will be contacted to schedule an interview with the Program Director. At the interview, the Program Director will review your eligibility options for advanced standing.
  3. Challenge Exams: Following the interview process, you will be scheduled to take the Challenge Exam. When scheduling the Challenge Exam, applicants will be required to submit a $500.00 fee.
  4. Results: Once the results of the Challenge Exam are reviewed, you will then be notified of your advanced standing results including your individual schedule and tuition/ payments due.

Supporting Documents

  1. Official High School and College Transcripts including a Course Syllabus (If an applicant attended more than one college, ALL transcripts will be required for review)
  2. Copy of License/ Certification including a New York State EMT-B Card
  3. Job Resume, including detailed information of the applicant’s work experience
  4. Recommendation Letter/ Letter from Supervisor- verification of work experience