MRI Registry Prep Course

tuition & fees

Tuition for the MRI Registry Prep Course is $1,250. Additional fees apply (see below).

Graduates of CAHE's full-time programs are encouraged to inquire about the Graduate Student Discount.

Tuition and fees are non-refundable after the first scheduled class day.

$100.00 Non-Refundable Registration Fee.

$450.00* Clinical Lab/ Rotation Fee.

$250.00* CastleBranch Fee.

*Certain fees apply to those students completing clinical rotations using CAHE's affiliated sites. Students who choose to complete the clinical component of the course with Center for Allied Health Education are required to have a physical examination and be medically cleared by their private physician as well as have a criminal background check performed. The background check is done through a third-party company called CastleBranch. More information regarding clinical clearance will be provided at Student Orientation on Day 1. Clinical clearance fees are estimated at $250.00. Additionally, individuals completing clinical rotations using CAHE's affiliated clinical sites will be responsible for a $450.00 Clinical Lab/Rotation Fee, which includes the scrub tops required for rotations.