Medical Assistant

program courses

Course Number Course Title Hours
MAP1000 Medical Assistant Profession15
MAP1010 Medical Terminology30
MAP1020 Clinical Procedures I with Lab60
MAP1030 Computer Essentials30
MAP1040 Medical Law and Ethics15
MAP1050 Medical Office Applications45
MAP1110 Anatomy & Physiology I60
MAP1120 Clinical Procedures II60
MAP1160 Phlebotomy40
MAP1170 Urinalysis and Microbiology 45
MAP1130 Computerized Medical Billing - Medisoft45
MAP1210 Anatomy & Physiology II60
MAP1260 Electrocardiography45
MAP1270 Pharmacology60
MAP1230 Electronic Medical Records45
MAP1395 Career Development15
MAP1390 AAMA Review30
MAP1385 Clinical Internship200