Medical Assistant

program courses

Course Number Course Title Hours
CMA 1000Medical Assistant Profession15
CMA 1010Medical Terminology30
CMA 1020Clinical Procedures I40
CMA 1020LClinical Procedures I Lab25
CMA 1030Computer Essential30
CMA 1040Medical Law and Ethics15
CMA 1050Medical Office Applications45
CMA 1110Anatomy and Physiology I60
CMA 1120linical Procedures II25
CMA 1120LClinical Procedures II Lab35
CMA 1130Computerized Medical Billing - Medisoft25
CMA 1130LComputerized Medical Billing – Medisoft Lab20
CMA 1160Phlebotomy25
CMA 1160LPhlebotomy Lab25
CMA 1170Urinalysis and Microbiology25
CMA 1170LUrinalysis and Microbiology Lab15
CMA 1210Anatomy and Physiology II60
CMA 1230Electronic Medical Records25
CMA 1230LElectronic Medical Records Lab25
CMA 1260Electrocardiography25
CMA 1260LElectrocardiography Lab20
CMA 1270Pharmacology35
CMA 1270LPharmacology Lab25
CMA 1280Introduction to Clinical Education20
CMA 1380Clinical Internship210
CMA 1390AAMA Review45
CMA 1395Career Development15