refund policies

Enrollment Agreement Cancellation Policy

Students may cancel their enrollment agreement within seven (7) business days of signing the enrollment agreement, and will receive a refund of their registration fee and any tuition paid to date.

Thereafter, a student will be liable for the non-refundable registration fee and any tuition liability as of the student's last date of physical attendance, pursuant to the Refund Policy as published in the Catalog.

Refund Policy

After the first day of instruction, the student will be liable for the registration fee and any tuition liability as of their last day of physical attendance, defined as the last day in which the student participated in academically-related activity, including projects, clinical experience or examinations.

The non-refundable application and registration fees, as well as items of extra expense to a student, (e.g. uniform, clinical and technology fees) will not be considered in tuition refund computations.

The following is the refund policy:

Term Refund Policy

Student's last date of attendance is during the:

The school may retain no more than:

1st week of the Term

No tuition liability

2nd week of the Semester

No tuition liability

3rd week of the Semester

No tuition liability

4th week of the Semester

No tuition liability

5th week of the Semester

80% of the total term's tuition

6th week of the Semester

100% of the total semester's tuition


Refunds are calculated based on the total semester's tuition due, not the total tuition paid by the student up to that point. The Center will retain the percentage of tuition it is entitled to keep prior to issuing a refund. In the event that a student has not paid their tuition in full by the date the refund is calculated and/or a refund is required based on the Return to Title IV regulations (see Financial Aid policy as published in the Institutional Catalog) any money due to the Center based on the Center's refund policy will be deducted from the refund amount. After the above calculations, should a student still have a financial obligation, they must pay their financial obligation in order to remove the financial hold placed on their account. In addition, Center for Allied Health Education will not release any transcripts or academic records until any outstanding financial obligation is met.

The student's financial responsibilities are limited to the current semester/quarter provided they are up-to-date on the previous semester's/quarter's financial liabilities.