program overview

Recognized by Department of Health
15-week bridge program to Paramedic
Over 250 hours of clinical rotations

Looking to become a Paramedic and currently have no EMT experience?

The EMT-Basic Program is designed to place qualified students who have not yet received their EMT certification on a direct path to become a Paramedic by first becoming an EMT. The program prepares students for their EMT-B New York State Practical and Written Exam, while simultaneously gaining valuable work experience as an EMT at affiliated clinical sites. Students are required to complete 250+ hours of rotations while in the EMT-Basic Program.

Upon successful completion of the EMT program and by meeting the necessary requirements, graduates of CAHE's EMT Program gain acceptance into CAHE's 12-month Paramedic course. Due to the competitive nature of the EMT-Basic Program, the Admissions Committee will look to select applicants with a solid academic background, as well as those who are ultimately interested in proceeding to the Paramedic Program and providing the highest level of care in a pre-hospital setting.

In addition to all other criteria, enrollment into the EMT-Basic Program is contingent on a student successfully passing an assessment which will be conducted by the Program Director during the fourth week of the program. The assessment may include, but not necessarily be limited to, attendance, class participation, behavior, homework, compliance with the medical clearance process, and general cooperation with program faculty. A student who does not successfully pass this assessment will have their enrollment rescinded and may not progress to the fifth week of the program.

Students who have successfully completed the entire course of study and met all financial obligations of the EMT-B Program will be eligible for graduation and the subsequent:

  1. National Registry Skill Exam
  2. NYS DOH EMS Written Exam
  3. Application to the National Registry Computerized Exam

To graduate from Center for Allied Health Education's Emergency Medical Technician - Basic Program, a student is required to:

  1. Meet all academic requirements
  2. Meet all clinical requirements and attain all required competencies
  3. Meet all financial obligations
  4. Return their swipe card, ID card, etc.
  5. Receive certification in AHA BCLS
  6. Successfully complete the current version of the following FEMA Courses:
    •IS-800 (For eligibility to apply for the Paramedic Program)
    •IS-5 (NYS Requirement) or a HAZWOPER First Responder Awareness Level (National Registry Requirement)

Students who have not fulfilled their graduation requirements have eight weeks from their originally scheduled graduation date to complete all missing graduation requirements.

A C average - an index (GPA) of 2.0 - is required for graduation.