program outcomes

Below are the most recent outcomes, as reported to the Center's accrediting agency: ABHES (Accrediting Bureau of Health Education Schools):

Retention Rate (7/1/16 – 6/30/17): 74%

Of the 34 students enrolled in the program during the reporting period, 14 graduated during the reporting period and 11 were still active at the end of the reporting period.

Credentialing Examination Pass Rate (7/1/16 – 6/30/17): 100%

Of the 13 graduates who took the credentialing examination during the reporting period, 13 successfully passed the examination.

Job Placement Rate (7/1/16 – 6/30/17): 77%

Of the 13 graduates available for employment during the reporting period, 10 were placed in the field of study or a related field.