program overview

Looking to become a Paramedic and currently have no EMT experience?

The EMT-Basic Program is designed to place qualified students who have not yet received their EMT certification on a direct path to become a Paramedic by first becoming an EMT. The program prepares students for their EMT-B New York State Practical and Written Exam, while simultaneously gaining valuable work experience as an EMT at affiliated clinical sites. Students are required to complete 250+ hours of rotations while in the EMT-Basic Program. Upon successful completion of the EMT program and by meeting the necessary requirements, graduates of CAHE's EMT Program gain acceptance into CAHE's 12-month Paramedic course. Due to the competitive nature of the EMT-Basic Program, the Admissions Committee will look to select applicants with a solid academic background, as well as those who are ultimately interested in proceeding to the Paramedic Program and providing the highest level of care in a pre-hospital setting.