Dental Assistant

program courses

The full-time, 40-week Dental Assistant program courses and clinical rotations at Center for Allied Health Education will be scheduled Monday through Thursday between 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM.
CAHE’s Dental Assistant courses include didactic and laboratory (hands-on) instructions as well as a total of 350 hours of clinical externship.

Course Number Course Title Hours
BIO-100 Anatomy & Physiology 20
CDA-1110 Oral Anatomy 30
CDA-1100 Dental Law & Ethics 15
CDA-1105 Microbiology and Infection Control 40
CDA-1105L Microbiology and Infection Control LAB 20
CDA-1101 Dental Materials 30
CDA-1101L Dental Materials LAB 30
CDA-1120 Dental Administration & Operating Systems 40
CDA-1130 Principals of Chairside Assisting 20
CDA-1130L Principals of Chairside Assisting LAB 30
CDA-1140 Preventive Dentistry & Nutrition 25
CDA-1150 Dental Radiography I 30
CDA-1150L Dental Radiography I LAB 30
CDA-1160 Dental Specialties I 30
CDA-1160L Dental Specialties I LAB 30
CDA-1250 Dental Radiography II 20
CDA-1250L Dental Radiography II LAB 30
CDA-1260 Dental Specialties II 30
CDA-1260L Dental Specialties II LAB 30
CDA-1180 Pharmacology & Dental Emergencies 30
CDA-1280 New York Professional Dental Assistant 60
CDA-1270 Dental Clinical Externship I 140
CDA-1275 Dental Clinical Externship II 210
CAHE-1001 Career Development 15
CAHE-1000 Medical Terminology 15