Dental Assistant

program overview

Accredited by ABHES
Convenient evening and weekend schedule
350 hours of clinical internship

Dental assistants play an essential role in the operation of dental health care settings. They provide direct support to dental providers on different procedures as well as indirect support in tasks pertaining to the general management of the dental office. As part of the dental team, a well-trained dental assistant is key to ensure efficiency, quality of care and patient satisfaction.

The Dental Assistant Certificate Program at Center for Allied Health Education (CAHE) is designed to prepare Dental Assistant program students with general knowledge of all aspects pertaining to the dental assistant profession in accordance with New York State’s guidelines for clinical non-certified Dental Assistants.

This 40-week program consists of a set of comprehensive courses that include didactic and laboratory (hands-on) instructions as well as a total of 350 hours of clinical internship to guarantee the readiness of the students to face the demands of the field.

Upon completion of the Dental Assistant program, students will be able to practice the profession at the entry level and successfully exhibit proficiency in all dental assistant skills including:

  • Performing dental radiographs
  • Sterilization
  • Chairside four-handed dentistry
  • Pour-up dental impressions
  • Dental charting and basic dental office administration procedures

Furthermore, CAHE’s Dental Assistant Certificate Program will also prepare students for national board examinations on Infection Control, Radiology Health and Safety and New York Professional Dental Assistant (general chairside) through the Dental Assistant National Board (DANB) organization. DANB exams and certificates are recognized or required in 39 states, the District of Columbia, the U.S. Air Force and the Department of Veteran Affairs.

Dental Assistant Students must meet all of the following requirements in order to graduate from the Program:

  1. Have met all academic requirements
  2. Have met all clinical requirements and attained all required competencies
  3. Have returned their swipe card, ID card, etc.
  4. Meet all financial obligations
  5. Successfully pass the ICE and RHS examinations through DANB

Dental Assistant Students who have not fulfilled their graduation requirements have twenty weeks from their originally scheduled graduation date to complete all missing graduation requirements.

A ‘C’ average - an index (GPA) of 2.5 - is required for graduation.