Progression Policy

Students must complete all program courses in the sequence prescribed in the curriculum. When applicable, all prerequisite course(s) must be completed before beginning an advanced course. Courses considered prerequisite courses are delineated in the Catalog and course syllabi.

Students must pass all courses in a quarter/term in order to progress to the next quarter/term in the program. Students are required to pass all courses in the program in order to graduate from the program.

If a student fails one course:

Students must successfully pass the Midterm and Final Exam with a minimum score of 70%.

Please refer to the Summative Examination Policy as published in the Catalog for additional details.

Comprehensive Examination Policy

A student who fails between one and two didactic courses in a quarter/term may qualify for a comprehensive exam for that course. When a student is registered for 3-4 courses in a quarter/term, the student may qualify for only one comprehensive exam. When a student is registered for 5 courses in a quarter/term, the student may be allowed to take up to 2 comprehensive exams for the quarter/term.

Results of the Comprehensive Exam
Students must receive a minimum of an 80% on the comprehensive exam to be considered to have passed the course and will receive the minimum passing grade as their recorded score. A student who receives less than an 80% on the comprehensive exam, will be considered to have failed the course and is subject to termination from the program.