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School of Diagnostic Medical Sonography
School of Diagnostic Sonography
School of Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Diagnostic medical sonography or ultrasound, is a clinical laboratory science using highly sophisticated, computer driven imaging devices to produce three-dimensional dynamic visual images of organs, tissue and blood flow. A radiation-free medical imaging modality, it provides important clinical information for the diagnosis and treatment of patients.

Sonographers are part of the medical team, which includes physicians, nurses, and other healthcare professionals who provide essential clinical information that is used to plan treatment modalities for patients across a wide range of diseases and medical conditions.

There are several areas of specialization in the field of sonography. These include vascular sonography, obstetrics/gynecologic sonography, abdominal sonography, echocardiography and neurosonology. In addition, sonographers perform general human organ studies to guide surgical procedures and assessments.

This technically challenging, patient focused field demands that sonographers demonstrate a high level of decision making, diagnostic responsibility and patient care. Sonographers have extensive, direct patient contact, that includes performing invasive procedures. Sonographers are expected to be not only technically competent but compassionate and effective in dealing with patients who may range from very healthy to critically ill.