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Allied Health Education
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Bartone School of Radiography
Bartone School Of Radiology
Bartone School Of Radiology

A rewarding career in healthcare awaits those who choose radiology as a profession. Radiographers, or radiologic technologists have completed special training to produce images of organs, limbs and other parts of the body that doctors then use to diagnose and determine treatment plans for disease and injuries. Careers in radiography have become more and more diverse as the field of radiology has evolved from the discovery of the x-ray to complex and sophisticated scanning methods like magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). As the technology has expanded, there has been an increasing need for highly trained men and women to fill the varied positions available to radiologic technologists. The field of radiography offers the opportunity to provide vital service as a key member of the healthcare team.

New York Methodist Hospital's Bartone School of Radiography has a long history of providing high quality training in radiography. The Bartone School offers a two-year program in radiography and imaging modalities. Students at the Bartone School benefit from a full varied curriculum with both didactic and clinical experience components. The School is noted for the excellence of its classroom teachers and clinical instructors. Bartone students receive the knowledge and skills necessary to provide superior radiologic service and thereby achieve great success in the field.